Welcome to my Blog!

Man, oh, man! I was going to wait until tomorrow and then until the next day, next week, next year or even until my next life to publish this blog. I‘d like to share my daily adventures and discoveries with the world and help people struggling with everyday‘s little (or enormous) obstacles. I hope I might inspire a few people and connect with those who enjoy a natural holistic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, just as much as reading books, design, fashion, music, natural skincare and real food.

So how about trying to improve all facets of life in unique, deadly efficient, and meaningful ways?

I truly believe it‘s possible to define your own reality! I am always and consistently relearning things. How to sleep, how to sit, how to walk, how to work, how to eat, how to look at my own life in a completely new way. So how can I re-design my life for the better, every single day, step by step? How can I soothe away all kinds of little problems? I want my blog to become an archive of knowledge, for you, the reader, and for myself.

I intend to write all the posts myself (eventually minus some attributed guest posts). A personal blog should be personal! I need to get my own voice and style out there first. It will be hard work, but passion at the same time! You‘ll see!

I‘m not dreaming of making money from writing a few posts. Blogging has much more to it! I rather look upon blogging as a way of trying new things, bringing my English to perfection (I‘m no native speaker – I’m from Berlin) and helping others out at the same time. I‘m poor enough that I‘m definitely not going to pay people to slash things on their faces for me, to workout for me, to eat for me or to watch TV for me! I even haven‘t got a TV. You‘ll have to deal with me!

So, does the world really need me? I do not care, but I care a big deal about getting to know my readers! So whenever a post catches you, don‘t hesitate to let me know your opinion (especially if it‘s controversial)! Or simply ask a question. Let‘s start to discuss and have fun!

© image by Svea

  1. Yuriy said:

    I relate to a lot of the stuff you say! I always research how-to-whatever for knowledge sake just because I want to become better at everything lol! And your english is already pretty close to perfection 🙂 You write really well! Your blog is awesome but best of luck to you anyway! ❤

    • Svea said:

      Thank you so much for your wonderful words, Yuriy! It‘s nice to see you here on my blog!

      I have to say that I still don’t know if I can keep this blog going for a very long time, but at least I’m going to give it a shot! I surely won‘t post regularly and I might disappear every once in a while, but I like to share the things I find useful and that I hope will be helpful to others! Sometimes I don‘t really find the time to do this properly, and this upsets me a little. I want my articles to be the result of an accurate research, so I won‘t publish any “undigested“ material. In addition, I adore my job in “real“ life (I‘m working as a freelance designer) – and I have to admit that I love that job even more than I love writing on this blog. So I‘m only writing a new post whenever I really want to do it, but I don‘t feel obliged to publish any fresh topics every week or every two weeks or something like that. As I said, I don‘t see it that much as a blog, it‘s supposed to be much more like an open “encyclopedia“ with some helpful every-day advice.

      Anyway, I wish you tons of luck in your life as well!

      Lots of love,

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