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Whenever I wake up with a few red marks on my cheek or a fresh pimple, I usually feel much better after putting on a dab of mineral concealer. From a psychological point of view, it helps a lot to “mitigate“ acne and other skin rushes. However, as much as I like covering up my flaws, I also had to learn (and it took me quite a while), that it’s even more important to let my skin breathe as much and as often as I can, especially while I’m at home and don‘t have to see anybody. Exaggeration is never a great idea.

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Hi friends!

Yes, I‘m still alive! And I‘m back! A long time has passed since I posted my last article. I’ve been very, very busy in the last weeks, and I feel a bit guilty about letting down my readers for such a long time. But now I‘m here – with good news!

It’s that time of year: Everyone of us seems to be looking for that perfect sunscreen that doesn’t give us that typical white goth chick look, is safe to use on our skin and won‘t poison our whole organism or aquatic life. Also, the ideal product has to be easy to spread and shouldn’t make us break out. Nobody of us wants to have a face full of pimples! In addition, the cream, lotion or emulsion has to absorb well without leaving our skin shiny as a bacon rind and, if possible, wear nicely under makeup. That‘s what comes to my mind right now, but I‘m sure you have some more thoughts to add to this wish list!

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I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo for a few years now. And guess what? My hair has never felt better! And to be honest, I don’t know if it has looked that healthy in the years before!

I have washed my hair with rhassoul and aritha powder, horse chestnut deconctions and eggs. Yes, I definitely agree that using mud or herbal powders and potions on the hair sounds messy and odd! But it‘s wonderful from the itchy scalp point of view!

In fact, many shampoos can be quite damaging for your hair and scalp. One of the reasons for this is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which can still be found in almost all conventional shampoos on the market. Using organic shampoos containing betain or sugar tensides wasn‘t a solution for me either. It was like hell recollecting all the hair that I lost in my washing basin after shampooing! Luckily I have much of it! And now? No hair loss at all!

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Please don‘t worry, I’m not going to transform this blog into an all-over beauty blog! However, yesterday I spontaneously made my own deodorant spray out of water and baking soda. This spray and some other natural deodorant recipes I have tried recently, seem to be the only “products” that both work AND are gentle on my skin! I still sweat, but no stank! I find it awesome how easy it is to produce your own deodorant avoiding all kinds of chemicals you can find in most commercial products! You‘ll see!

First off all, a clarification: While antiperspirants contain substances that constrict the sweat glands so that less sweat is excreted (thus backing metabolic toxins up into your lymph), deodorants prevent odor or simply overlap it. In both cases we still sweat, sometimes more, sometimes less. Surely you probably knew about it, but I’ll write it down for you once again: Sweat in itself isn‘t odiferous, but as soon as it is degraded by bacteria on the skin it produces its characteristic “odors“. I know, this is a very simple and unscientific explanation, but you can still read more about it – if you want! Here, here and here!

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I admit, I was! I was addicted to skincare! I put a lot of effort into my morning and my night routine. I felt my skin would fall off if I didn’t. So I was using a day cream, a night cream, another special product for my eyes, sunscreen, cleansing lotions, facial scrubs and masks: I needed to know what these things felt and smelled like, and whether they would make any difference. Then I had a severe breakout and developed eczema. Those products effectively made a difference!

Why? I was caring for my skin with so much love! I tried EVERYTHING, tried to change routine, products, but still NOTHING changed. Instead my skin was getting worse and worse and – above all – hyper-sensitive. Then I went on holiday and I simply couldn’t be bothered to keep up my routine. One morning while brushing my teeth, it struck me that after three weeks of this benign neglect, my skin looked simply awesome!

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It‘s annoying. We are permanently bombarded with beautiful bodies and superlunary faces. Every single day in our life. Everywhere. In films, on the internet, in television shows, on the billboards, in glossy magazines.

Supermodels on cover images look fantastic, let‘s admit it. But let‘s also admit that it can‘t only be the grace of nature giving them that look. It‘s hard work as well. For both models and graphic designers – who edit the images after every shoot! Each fashion photo is a retouched photo. The result: supernatural beauty.

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