It‘s annoying. We are permanently bombarded with beautiful bodies and superlunary faces. Every single day in our life. Everywhere. In films, on the internet, in television shows, on the billboards, in glossy magazines.

Supermodels on cover images look fantastic, let‘s admit it. But let‘s also admit that it can‘t only be the grace of nature giving them that look. It‘s hard work as well. For both models and graphic designers – who edit the images after every shoot! Each fashion photo is a retouched photo. The result: supernatural beauty.

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Man, oh, man! I was going to wait until tomorrow and then until the next day, next week, next year or even until my next life to publish this blog. I‘d like to share my daily adventures and discoveries with the world and help people struggling with everyday‘s little (or enormous) obstacles. I hope I might inspire a few people and connect with those who enjoy a natural holistic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, just as much as reading books, design, fashion, music, natural skincare and real food.

So how about trying to improve all facets of life in unique, deadly efficient, and meaningful ways?

I truly believe it‘s possible to define your own reality! I am always and consistently relearning things. How to sleep, how to sit, how to walk, how to work, how to eat, how to look at my own life in a completely new way. So how can I re-design my life for the better, every single day, step by step? How can I soothe away all kinds of little problems? I want my blog to become an archive of knowledge, for you, the reader, and for myself.

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