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Please don‘t worry, I’m not going to transform this blog into an all-over beauty blog! However, yesterday I spontaneously made my own deodorant spray out of water and baking soda. This spray and some other natural deodorant recipes I have tried recently, seem to be the only “products” that both work AND are gentle on my skin! I still sweat, but no stank! I find it awesome how easy it is to produce your own deodorant avoiding all kinds of chemicals you can find in most commercial products! You‘ll see!

First off all, a clarification: While antiperspirants contain substances that constrict the sweat glands so that less sweat is excreted (thus backing metabolic toxins up into your lymph), deodorants prevent odor or simply overlap it. In both cases we still sweat, sometimes more, sometimes less. Surely you probably knew about it, but I’ll write it down for you once again: Sweat in itself isn‘t odiferous, but as soon as it is degraded by bacteria on the skin it produces its characteristic “odors“. I know, this is a very simple and unscientific explanation, but you can still read more about it – if you want! Here, here and here!

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