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Hi friends!

Yes, I‘m still alive! And I‘m back! A long time has passed since I posted my last article. I’ve been very, very busy in the last weeks, and I feel a bit guilty about letting down my readers for such a long time. But now I‘m here – with good news!

It’s that time of year: Everyone of us seems to be looking for that perfect sunscreen that doesn’t give us that typical white goth chick look, is safe to use on our skin and won‘t poison our whole organism or aquatic life. Also, the ideal product has to be easy to spread and shouldn’t make us break out. Nobody of us wants to have a face full of pimples! In addition, the cream, lotion or emulsion has to absorb well without leaving our skin shiny as a bacon rind and, if possible, wear nicely under makeup. That‘s what comes to my mind right now, but I‘m sure you have some more thoughts to add to this wish list!

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