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I‘m not seduced by ALL gadgets. For example, I don‘t have a television set. I simply don‘t need it. I don‘t listen to the radio and I have no interest in acquiring one. I may have one of the oldest mobile phones in Western Europe. At least I believe so. But, oh god, I could NEVER, NEVER, NEVER live without my computer! Apart from the fact that it‘s a crucial element in my daily working life. Like millions of other technology lovers I have been seduced by the innovation of those well-designed minimalist slim gadgets of one particular brand – yes, I have to admit it: I took a bite of it too!

We all know, how much the computer and particularly the Internet have changed our lives. We can now communicate with our friends who are thousands of miles away from us. Internet has enabled live chatting, video chatting, voice chatting and e-mail communication. We can transfer files and data easily without even having to meet. Online money transactions happen instantaneously. Everything is possible – booking a flight, finding a new cooking recipe, shopping and talking to strangers in a digital world. The Internet is just irreplaceable in our lives. It is hard to imagine a world without it. However, while time spent on the Internet can be hugely productive, for some of us extensive Internet use can interfere with our daily life, work, and relationships. So what about me? Am I already Internet-sick?

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Hi friends!

Read on! I ensure you that you’ll become very hungry, guys! I love to cook!

Are you ready for some totally obsession-worthy miracle desserts? Get up! Spoil your kitchen!

The ‘sweeties’ I want to share with you today, are my new best friends and I can’t wait to play with them more. We all know the prettiest dish gets eaten first, but I promise, these recipes are also supremely delicious! And easy to make! Well, let’s exclude the ice cream. It’ll take a little more time to prepare. But it’s awesome! Try it!

And how unhealthy do those recipes look? Extremely! The good news: they aren’t! Just let’s forget for a moment that those recipes are gluten- and sugar-free as well as without cow’s milk! Just focus on the delectable elements!

Enough talking. Here are the recipes!

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Man, oh, man! I was going to wait until tomorrow and then until the next day, next week, next year or even until my next life to publish this blog. I‘d like to share my daily adventures and discoveries with the world and help people struggling with everyday‘s little (or enormous) obstacles. I hope I might inspire a few people and connect with those who enjoy a natural holistic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, just as much as reading books, design, fashion, music, natural skincare and real food.

So how about trying to improve all facets of life in unique, deadly efficient, and meaningful ways?

I truly believe it‘s possible to define your own reality! I am always and consistently relearning things. How to sleep, how to sit, how to walk, how to work, how to eat, how to look at my own life in a completely new way. So how can I re-design my life for the better, every single day, step by step? How can I soothe away all kinds of little problems? I want my blog to become an archive of knowledge, for you, the reader, and for myself.

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